Probiotic-Rich Milk Burns 4.6% More Belly Fat Compared To Cow, Almond, Coconut, Or Soy Milk

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CES--Level 1 Certified Precision Nutrition and Certified Personal Trainer

This just in…

may actually help you lose FAT!

And not just any old type of fat, but unsightly belly fat…nasty toxin-secreting visceral fat…and even the fat that lies just under the skin all over your body!

But, that’s not all:

Besides fat loss, probiotics are just a good idea if you want to improve your overall health – and the health of your gut!

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Probiotics and Gut Health

After months and months of intensive research…

The final results are in: Probiotics could be – hands down – a very important aspect to keeping you healthy!

They are often termed as “friendly” bacteria – bacteria designed to keep you healthy (instead of making you sick) – that only strengthens the one under-looked area of your health – the gut.

You may not know this - about 70 percent of your immune system – yes, the system that fights off bacteria and toxins – is found in your intestines.

In the form of billions – if not trillions – of tiny bacteria, often referred to as microflora!

Now you can add greater fat loss to their astounding abilities!

You see, a recent study highlighted the need for more research examining the relationship between probiotics and fat loss.

What they found will astound you!

They discovered that subjects who drank a probiotic-rich fermented milk mix had significant decreases in subcutaneous, abdominal (belly), and visceral fat stores!

They also showed those drinking the probiotic-rich milk also decreased body weight, body mass index, waist, and hip circumferences.

Plus, and here’s the important part, those in the probiotic-rich milk group also showed significant increases in adiponectin (potent fat loss hormone secreted by your FAT cells) when compared to control!

They concluded: “The probiotic rich milk showed lowering effects on abdominal adiposity, body weight and other measures, suggesting its beneficial influence on metabolic disorders.”


Take Home Message

Probiotics – live microorganisms that strengthen the health of your gut – have been shown to be an effective way to improve your health.

They may strengthen the colony of tiny bacteria living inside your gut, therefore adding benefits to your immune system, digestive health, and now, fat loss.

A new study shows probiotics may improve your fat loss by decreasing subcutaneous, abdominal, and visceral fat stores.

Plus, it may lower your body weight, body mass index (BMI), and even boost your production of adiponectin.

If you’re looking to boost your fat loss, then you may want to consider eating more probiotic-rich foods – or taking high-quality probiotic supplements – in order to strengthen the health of your gut and burn some fat too!




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