(TRUTH REVEALED) Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?


…discover the SECRET formula that scientists are saying may help melt away years of stubborn belly fat!

By now I am sure you’ve heard all the wonderful benefits you can get from sipping a little apple cider vinegar each day.

The simple fact that it’s been used for thousands of year should clue you in to just how magical this elixir may be.

From lowering blood sugar to fighting off infections, apple cider vinegar seems to do it all!  So it came as no surprise when I started to see articles and stories all over touting the WEIGHT LOSS benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Does it work?  Do you drop pound after pound of stubborn, stuck-on belly fat like everyone would like you to think?

Let’s take a much closer look.

The Nature of Apple Cider Vinegar…

Like I said before, apple cider vinegar has been around for centuries and was mainly used as a tonic to improve health.

It’s made in a simple two-step fermentation process, where apples are diced and combined with yeast (to turn it into an alcohol) and bacteria (to ferment the alcohol) to create the end product acetic acid.  Even though this process naturally takes about a month to create, technology has cut the wait time, in some cases, to a day.

The acetic acid, which also goes by the name ethanoic acid, has a rather pungent smell and taste.  But that’s where the magic begins.

Other nutrients commonly found in apple cider vinegar is water and trace amounts of other acids (like malic acid), which gives apple cider its distinct, robust flavor and bite.

So where do the weight loss benefits come from?  

Well, they come from the ACETIC ACID found in your apple cider vinegar.

Acetic acid is a very powerful acid that breaks down short-chain fatty acids and converts these fats into a more usable form that your body can handle.

It’s (acetic acid) been widely researched and shows some tremendous benefits when it comes to improving your health (and of course, burning all that unwanted belly fat).

Here are just some of the health benefits you may see using ACV (apple cider vinegar):

  • Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels—the acetic acid may improve your liver and muscle’s ability to use sugar from your blood.  This is important for pre-diabetics and diabetics in general.
  • Burns Fat—has been shown in studies to stimulate the genes necessary for burning fat and preventing excess energy from being stored as fat.
  • Reduced belly fat deposits—acetic acid may protect you from obesity.  Studies show that acetic acid increases the genes responsible for fat storage on your body and in your liver.
  • Increased metabolism—studies show acetic acid may increase AMPK levels, which could increase the rate of fat burning.

The bottom line: Acetic acid, the main component in apple cider vinegar, may boost weight loss in a number of different ways.  This powerful tonic may also 1) reduce blood sugar levels, 2) reduce insulin levels, and 3) increase the expression of genes responsible for boosting metabolism and burning fat.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Appetite Control (bonus)

One other way to improve weight loss is to control your caloric intake and suppress your appetite.  However, this may not be easy to accomplish, mainly due to the increase in sugar in almost every single food product.

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Adding apple cider vinegar to your day may control your appetite, which could go a long way to improving how many calories you consume during the day.

Also, some studies show that apple cider vinegar (and the acetic acid) may promote fullness after a meal, which could also cut down on calories consumed throughout the day.

Apple cider vinegar may also delay stomach emptying (slows the rate of digestion), which may also lend a hand with appetite control and suppression.

Apple Cider Vinegar May Also Boost Weight Loss (according to some studies)…

Here is what you’ve been waiting for…

The proof that swallowing your apple cider vinegar really does help to boost weight loss!

There is one study that shows some pretty impressive benefits when it comes to apple cider vinegar and the hope for bigger and better weight loss results.

The study is as follows:

A 12-week study was performed looking at the potential weight loss efforts of ingesting apple cider vinegar.   In the study, the participants consumed either 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or a control drink every day.

The researchers instructed the participants to limit alcohol intake, but otherwise eat normally and continue on with their normal daily activities.

Here’s what they found:

The men who ingested just 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, lost an average of 2.6 lbs. throughout the 12 weeks.

If that’s not impressive enough, they also lost 0.7% body fat…half an inch off their waist…and a 26 percent drop in their triglycerides.

Now to make it EVEN BETTER!

The men who consumed 2 tablespoons per day, dropped 3.7 pounds…shaved 0.9 percent off their body fat...lost 0.75 inches off their waist…and dropped their triglycerides by 26 percent (same as the other group).

As for the control group, they gained nearly 1 pound during the 12 week study!

To summarize the results, this study concluded that not only could you LOSE WEIGHT by including apple cider vinegar every day, you could also see drops in body fat percentage, inches dropped from your waist, and a decrease in one of the risk factors for heart disease.

But apple cider vinegar does a whole heck of a lot more than that…

In fact, apple cider vinegar may also:

  • Lower blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Improve insulin sensitivity (good for controlling blood sugar)
  • LOWERS fasting blood sugar numbers
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
  • KILLS bacteria and viruses

In the End Apple Cider Vinegar for the Win

There you have it…

Apple cider vinegar may boost your metabolism by controlling your appetite and preventing you from overeating.

Just drinking 1 to 2 tablespoons each day could help to control blood sugar and insulin levels…

…all while helping you drop weight, body fat, and inches off your waist, hips, or thighs!

If you’re looking for the right foods to keep your weight in check (or to lose unwanted fat stuck to your body) then you need to eat the RIGHT metabolism-boosting foods.  On the next page, I have listed the top foods for fighting belly fat, controlling blood sugar, and accelerating your metabolism.  If you’ve been struggling for decades to lose fat, then these foods could be the solution for you.

Please pass on the awesome benefits that just 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can do for you with your friends, family, and co-workers.


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